Choosing The Appropriate Paint Finish For Your Home

Besides color, one of the many considerations to make when painting is selecting the right finish. Paint finishes come in three types. Each of them comes with their own unique effects and maintenance requirements, thus making them appropriate for different kinds of paint jobs.

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Matte paints provide a relatively simple, nonreflective finish and display color well regardless of the lighting conditions. Their flat, light-absorbing appearance is good for hiding imperfections such as uneven textures, joints, and patches. These finishes, however, are not particularly durable or particularly resistant to staining, necessitating careful cleanups. A flat finish is ideal for rooms that require a velvety, old world feel and is recommended for ceilings, accent walls, and low-traffic walls.

Glossy finishes are the most durable, holding well against humidity and is relatively easy to clean. This makes it the perfect choice for high-maintenance or high traffic rooms prone to dirtying such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as for items like doors and moldings. However, because of its shiny, reflective appearance, it readily calls to the viewers’ attention all flaws within the surface. Thus, areas with gloss finishes should be carefully prepared beforehand, and the paint carefully applied.

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A good compromise paint is eggshell or low-luster satin. They provide the same appeal and have the superficial finish of a flat paint job from a distance but have the durability of a full gloss paint job. Although their low-luster sheen still requires careful preparation and a good base, their balance makes them ideal for many rooms.

The founder and head of Paint Squad, Steve Silvers, understands the importance of proper prep work and paint selection to deliver the best finish to any room. For more updates on paint choices in interior and exterior remodeling works, visit this page.


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