Disastrous Mistakes When Painting a Home

Image source: hometriangle.com
Image source: hometriangle.com

A lot of home owners are tempted to turn interior painting into a DIY endeavor. Although professional painters are highly recommended, home owners can still hack it. They just need to be careful, and avoid making the following mistakes that could end up costing them time and money.

Prep time separates most non-professional painters from the pros. More often than not, people with little-to-no experience painting homes forget to clean walls, scrape off peels and cracks, apply painter’s tape, and wait for patching compound to dry.

Purchasing low quality brushes and roller covers just won’t cut it, even if the home owners have the highest-quality paints in the world. Another benefit of high-end brushes and roller covers is the coverage they provide, which helps owners save on paint.

Image source: canoesongs.ca
Image source: canoesongs.ca

Starting without primer can be a big problem since it covers surface flaws and allows for a smooth finish that lasts. The only time when paint can be mixed with primer is when the old surface had been painted once before, and has a flat, non-glossy finish.

Dipping the brush too deep into the paint is wasteful. Instead, peohttp://www.canoesongs.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/painting-mistakes.jpgple can plunge the brush a third of the way, and it’ll have enough paint.

Painting without direction is also a sign of an immature painter. Pros know that the ceiling is the proper place to start, before moving downward. This allows for a smoother finish than if you start anywhere else.

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